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Automotive & Transport

Automotive Cleaning Products

Over the years, Cyndan Chemicals has worked with automotive service centres to develop a range of cleaning, coating and lubricating products to suit the industry’s vehicle, workshop and workshop equipment needs.

The range is not limited to automotive cleaning products; it also includes vehicle surface treatment, hand c...

Industrial Cleaning Products

Cyndan has multiple automotive and industrial cleaning products for various applications.  Cleaning products range from safe and gentle formulations suitable for delicate parts and environments through to industrial-grade, heavy-duty concentrates designed to combat the most difficult of jobs.


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Multi-Purpose Cleaners

As one of Australia’s leading industrial cleaning product manufacturers, Cyndan has developed a wide range of effective, low-toxicity products to suit a wide range of requirements, from the environmentally friendly through to robust solutions for the heavy-industrial and mining segments.


100% Quality Guaranteed

Since 1978, Cyndan Chemicals has been committed to providing high-quality cleaning solutions to a broad range of clients Australia-wide. While Cyndan is focused on designing and producing the highest quality of products it also strives to ensure affordability.

Cyndan’s Brookvale-based factory is fully equipped to produce the best industrial cleaning solutions. In case you have any queries or facing issues with any Cyndan products, reach out to technical support for assistance.



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