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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cyndan is a supplier of highly concentrated heavy-duty industrial cleaning products.

Cyndan Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned developer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning chemical products.

Over 35 years the staff at Cyndan Chemicals have accumulated a vast array of experience and have solved many industrial problems with innovat...

A fully equipped factory in Brookvale, New South Wales, produces over 200 different products and formulations; ranging from powerful and environmentally responsible cleaning chemicals through to pest control and a range of metal, masonry and glass surface coating products.


This warehouse and manufacturing facility is under continuous improvement program aimed at improving safety and efficiency.


Wherever possible products are formulated using non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable, raw materials.


Innovative Chemical Solutions

Research and Development is at the heart of most growing and developing companies, Cyndan is no different. Not only does Cyndan have a continues development program that aims to keep it at the forefront of the industrial chemical products industry, it also provides these R&D services to companies facing specific industrial problems. Naturally the first step is to completely understand the problem and the contaminant involved. Once this is understood Cyndan development staff will seek to develop a solution in line with a client’s guidelines on effectiveness, safety, cost and environmental issues. In some cases this can be achieved by altering an existing Cyndan products, or it may necessitate an entirely new product.


In the past Cyndan has developed a diverse range of products for all manner of clients. Products have ranged from air-conditioning coil cleaners to portable toilet chemicals and from musical instrument cleaners to bird dropping removers.


If you have specific requirements or want to talk to one of our specialists, call us on 1800 812 309.


Why Trust Cyndan Chemicals?

Since 1978, Cyndan has been serving various Australian industries as a leading heavy duty, highly concentrated cleaning products supplier. As a company founded on R&D it strives to incorporate new methods, technologies and raw materials into its product line to improve effectiveness and safety while reducing their environmental impact.

  •      Well-established, reliable business since 1978
  •      Serving a variety of industries across Australia
  •      Contract manufacturing
  •      Custom formulation services
  •      Environmentally friendly, ‘green’ cleaning product line
  •      True concentrates means maximum cost-effectiveness.


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