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Read the product SDS carefully before handling this product.

For instruction on the correct use of this product, please refer to Directions for Use in the Download section.

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Cyndan Cyndazymes is a natural solution for blocked drains. It will effectively digest waste, greases, oils and organic content to unblock plumbing. Ideal for grease traps and eliminating their odours.

For larger quantities please contact our office.

More details

Cyndan Cyndazymes will effectively digest greases, oils and organic content to unblock plumbing by working vertically up the drainage pipes. It will breakdown and liquify, via digestion, most organic matter. In ideal conditions, Cyndazymes will double in number due to natural multiplication in 25 minutes. Cyndazymes contains 4 basic enzyme families and 5 bacteria types.

Cydazymes is a natural biological treatment safe and harmless to piping materials, humans, animals and the environment. Ideal for grease traps and odour control in butchers / abattoirs, clubs, hotels, building complexes, schools, food processing plants, dairies, piggeries and poultry farms.

Cyndazymes will function under both aerobic (in the presence of oxygen) and anaerobic (in the absence of oxygen) conditions. It is a complete, ideally balanced preparation of snap dried bacteria’s and enzymes.

Cyndazymes will liquify animal waste in pits, lagoons and pipes.

AQIS approved Category 25.

  • Safety Data Sheet: Refer to the SDS before handling this product.
  • Storage: Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place out of reach of children. | Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Disposal: Containers must be thoroughly rinsed and dried before disposal. | Dispose of in accordance with your local government regulations - if in doubt return empty container to the manufacture. | Empty containers and product should not be burnt.
  • Safe Use - AMBER Code: Please use caution as per safe use and storage guidelines. Goods might be classified as Dangerous Goods. However, Amber items are safer to use as a result of replacing harmful ingredients with safer alternatives than what you find in Red Coded products.
  • Part of the Cyndan GREEN SOLUTIONS Range: Non toxic & biodegradable natural enzyme solution. No Caustics or Acids. Introduces healthy bacteria to break down unwanted waste.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): See 'Related Products' on this page.


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