Demand for Cyndan to launch a speciality application service has been on the cards for some time now, after all we know all our products like the back of our hand. Applying the best application methods to get the most out of our coatings range, and knowing which specialty coatings will be the most practical choices to suit our customers needs has become second nature to us. 

Which is why we are pleased to now be in the position to offer the MASTER TOUCH you need to resolve all your application dilemmas that can be associated with this range of our top selling specality coatings.


Our MASTER TOUCH specialtyapplicators will come out to your site and apply the product or products you're after for you in the most efficient and responsive way.This then means all you need to do is sit back and benefit from all the advantages our coatings offer for many years to come, usually without needing to lift a finger yourself.

For larger areas MASTER TOUCH is definitely the way to go, you will no doubt save time and money in the long run having your surfaces treated with our excellent coatings as our team never waste a drop of product. All the workmanship of course comes with a full 5 year warranty to give you complete piece of mind.

Exclusive Products from our specialty coatings range that can be applied by our MASTER TOUCH team include :

  • VITROGLAZE - is a permanent coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It's advanced nano-coating formulation is ideal to protect and seal window glass, ceramic, stainless steel, shower screens, tiles, balustrades, pool fences,


  • HEAT SHIELD - is an acrylic, solar reflective paint insulation, utilising the latest in micro crystals technology, with a proprietary formulation to provide an excellent coating for heat resistant purposes.


  • MICRO INVISIO SHIELD (M.I.S.)is a water & oil repelling, microscopic, invisible shield. It is not a surface or barrier coating, rather it deeply penetrates and chemically bonds with the substrate without altering it's appearance and allows the substrate to breathe. Surfaces are then up to 90% easier to maintain and clean. more info>>
  • SHIELD I.T. is a microscopic water & oil repelling sealer for concrete, brick and all masonry substrates. It is not a surface or barrier coating, rather it deeply penetrates and chemically bonds with the substrate as an invisible shield, without altering it's appearance, and allows the substrate to breathe. more info>>


  • GRAFFITI ARMOUR - is a one-component, non-sacrificial, ready-to-use anti graffiti coating that cures with atmospheric moisture. more info>> / GRAFFITI STRIPPERis a strong, fast acting, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover and paint stripper, for use on exterior and interior surfaces. more info>>


  • ANTI SLIP TREATMENT - is the definitive non slip coating solution for tiles, granite, terazzo, etc. Etching treatment to prevent skidding and slipping. more info>>



STAINLESS STEEL REJUVENATING PASTE - is prepared for the removal of corrosion and 'tea staining' on all grades of stainless steel whether internal or external. more info>>

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER - is a Heavy Duty cleaner specifically formulated to remove tea staining & corrosion, common to stainless steel surfaces exposed to the elements. It chemically brightens the surface to a 'like new' state. more info>>

STAINLESS STEEL SENTRY - is an advanced protective fomulation, for protecting stainless steel from rust and corrosion. When applied to the rejuvenated stainless steel, microscopically coats and protects it against atmospheric corrosion, which causes unsightly 'tea staining' and rusting. more info>>

RUST BUSTER is an anti-corrosion treatment that encapsulates and neutralizes the rust, and forms a molecular bond with both the rust and the substrate. more info>>