Cyndan help with the Storms cleanup with their Product of the Month offer 

May, 2015


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With the recent wide spread storm damage, Cyndan is taking the opportunity to offer a special discount to all of our customers nationally to help in the clean up and sanitization process.

A major problem which occurs with flooding and storms other than the obvious immediate devastation and extensive clean-up is the complete sanitation of buildings and premises. Flooded areas or areas with a large build up of stormwater often results in bacteria ridden soil. This can lead to further issues if it is not cleaned up and treated properly.

Cyndan has a number of products that help in this cleaning up process.

Algae Died B - an effective sanitiser and algaecide which also kills black spot. This product is often used by councils and farmers after water has subsided.



Other products that assist in flood affected areas are:

  • Dual 100 - a commercial grade disinfectant proven to eradicate bacteria such as Staph and E.Coli and dissolve mildew and algae deposits along with controlling further growth. Dual 100 is suitable for use in food preparation areas and all surfaces as it contains no harmful ingredients and has a pleasant fragrance, providing lasting freshness.


  • Moisture Stripper - displaces moisture and acts as an industrial corrosion control for electrical and mechanical fittings. Moisture Stripper is a de-watering fluid that penetrates lubricates and displaces moisture, protecting from corrosion and sealing out water. It can be used effectively on metal, plastic and rubber and is ideal for use on hinges, doors, bonnets, boot lids and batteries.


  • Water Sponge Crystals - effectively capture, hold and store water longer in the soil so that plants can use it when required, even when the soil is dry. Water Sponge Crystals can also be used to absorb unwanted excess liquids at construction and excavation sites, soil with surplus or high water content, contaminated liquid wastes or for purposes within other industrial facilities.

  • Odourless -  a blend of various essential oils and perfume compounds which are derived from plant materials mostly grown in Australia. Odourless offers immediate and long term elimination of odours by either destroying the odour or converting it to a more acceptable scent. Fantastic for use on transport vehicles, sewerage operations, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and public buildings as well as an effective solution to animal odours. 

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