The DLS200 is the latest in chemical dispensers for janitorial, industrial and health care use. It is the first truly portable dilution control system and it is now available in Australia for the first time.

The DLS200 offers a dual bottle system comprising one bottle for chemical concentrate, a refillable water reservoir and a unique Variable Dilution Sprayer head.  The concentrate and water mix in the sprayer head at the user specified dilution rate thus eliminating the inconvenient, time consuming and often inaccurate process of pre-diluting chemicals.  You just load the bottle in the sprayer head and lock into place...and off you go!

For example, at a dilution rate of 24:1 every bottle of concentrate will deliver 7.8 litres of accurately diluted product with precision every pull of the trigger.  With a lifespan equal to approximately 500 traditional spray dispensers this robust tool offers a 98.8% saving on money spent on traditional sprayers, and a 99% reduction in plastic disposal per device. (See validation below)

The DLS system is being used with great success in 1000’s of healthcare facilities abroad and is now available here in Australia.

  • DLS-200 sprayer saves time and labour costs as it eliminates the need for messy and inaccurate dilution of chemical concentrates. 
  • Outlasts a conventional trigger sprayer by 500 to 1.
  • A standard trigger sprayer lasts on average 1000 pulls – the DLS200 trigger sprayer was found to last over 500,000 pulls.
  • At an average of 15 minutes a day spent pre-diluting chemicals the DLS200 will save the user 60 hours per year.
  • Cuts down on your carbon footprint – reducing plastic waste.

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Dial setting

 Dilution rate
Duty Applications 
#5 1:5  Heavy For cleaning grout lines, difficult soap scum, or for any heavy soil build up areas. 
#4 1:10

For more difficult soils or things cleaned less frequently
#3 1:20
#2 1:40
#1 1:50 Light  Mirrors, walls, glass, light dusting, fresh carpet stains, counter tops
#0 1:60


Bottle Capacity 325ml
Pump Capacity 1.15ml pump volume/stroke
Height with Bottles 286mm