Cyndan and the flood relief

February, 2011


Alga Died B and Dual 100 
When the floods impacted thousands of residents in Queensland earlier this year, Cyndan took the opportunity to offer those affected, 20% free product on top of their existing orders to help in the cleanup and sanitisation process.

A major problem which occurs with flooding other than the obvious immediate devastation, is the aftermath. Raw sewerage contaminates the flooded areas so that the waters and the subsequent soil and substrates are bacteria ridden. This can create further issues such as the spread of disease to people and surviving livestock.

Cyndan has a number of products that help in this cleaning up process.

"Algae Died B" - is a sanitiser and algaecide which also kills black spot. It is aqis approved and recommended by many EPA departments. This is used by councils and farmers to sanitize the ground after the waters have subsided. Janene Fuchs, one of cyndans leading consultants in the Queensland area comments "Our customers which include councils, piggeries/dairy farmers, use "Algae Died B" as it is completely safe to the environment and is safe to use in waterways. Used at a diluted rate, "Algae Died B" is sprayed onto the flooded and contaminated areas" Janene remarks " When the EPA return to conduct tests of the soil, they are back to normal, and they love the fact that is is environmentally friendly ".


 Other products that assist in flood affected areas are:

  • "Dual 100" is a high grade disinfectant with TGA approval sterilising public areas leaving a residual fragrance.

  • "Moisture stripper" which displaces moisture and water from mechanical and electrical components and coats and lubricates the area. This is used for vehicles, electrical contractors and telecommunication companies.

  • "Water sponge cystals" absorb approximately 300 liters of water per 100grams of crystals for easy mechanical removal.

  • "Odourless" - an odour neutralizing compound that contains enzymes which detroys odour carrying bacteria.

As well as Cyndan's earth friendly insecticide range. As you can see from the pictures, insects and pests are fleeing floodwaters to higher ground creating a plague of spiders, cockroaches, ants, mice many other pests.

The whole world watches on as Australia's north and not to forget Victoria, endure floods and now Cyclone Yasi in the far north. Australians are banding together while some of us can only watch on and do what we can from afar. We all share in the upset and work towards a quick recovery for our fellow countrymen and women.

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