'Total Clean' reflects Cyndan's ongoing R&D investment

March, 2012


Cyndan's Total Clean Range 

The Total Clean range…

designed for commercial cleaning operators

Since its debut as a full-line chemical, equipment and ancillary line supplier some 12 months ago, Cyndan has continued to invest in R&D as well as refine its ranges. One of the company's more significant recent introductions is the Total Clean floor care range

"We continue to enjoy excellent growth internationally and we are now taking marketshare in the local Australian marketplace," noted Michael Snounou, Cyndan's managing director.

"Cyndan has an extremely large chemical range but it did have some gaps in floor care and carpet care. We now offer products in these segments that are truly evolutionary and innovative.

"The formulations are cutting-edge and have been proven in the field." Cyndan has completed revamps of its hospitality and food and beverage ranges while also employing a dedicated, experienced manager to look after the F & B sector.

"As Cyndan's product ranges evolve so too does its approach to going to market. Our company is changing from what was a very much 'go direct' strategy to one that is now employing distributors," explained Snounou.

"The increasing support we have been receiving from distributors has been most pleasing. I believe it is a positive reflection on our quality products as well as the way Cyndan does business," he added.

 Total Clean for professionals

Addressing the company's latest range, Snounou stated that, "The Total Clean range has been meticulously developed and formulated to cater to the commercial cleaning and disinfecting sector, with a specific emphasis on the application of our floor care category by professional applicators. 

"With most products, the formulations have been designed such that the dilution of these products are standardised. For example, most products are recommended for use when diluted with water at either 1:20 or 1:40. They are offered in a 3 x 5 litre per box format, well under the OH&S maximum recommended weight.

"They carry the same 100 percent product satisfaction guarantee as the industrial range of products we have been offering for over 35 years."

Typical of the Total Clean range's features and benefits' credentials, Top Coat Finish has a high gloss finish when burnished or a mat finish unfurnished. Water-based, it can be used on vinyl, terrazzo, tile and stone floors. It features quick drying time between coats; a longer lasting polish/finish to extend re-coating periods; and is high-speed burnishable up to 2500 rpm. 

Other products in the range include Ultra HD neutral detergent that cleans sealed/unsealed floors; Sealer/Maintainer for use on sealed/unsealed floors; Thunderstrip stripper; Micro Inviso Shield, a penetrating sealer (primarily outdoor) that will last the life of a tile, terrazzo, or granite; and Low Speed Polish for burnishing up to 1500 rpm.

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Original source: Inclean Magazine