At Cyndan we don't just manufacture chemicals we offer solutions to the problems that our customers face every day.                                                                                                         

It's not all soap and strippers on Sydney's Northern Beaches

July, 2012


Dual liquid sprayer bottle 

Cyndan Chemical Solutions is a wholly Australian owned chemical manufacturer that has called the Northern Beaches of Sydney home for over 30 years and they plan to be around for a long time to come. When last we visited them, Cyndan had recently come under the control of new owner Michael Snounou. He had a lot of big plans for the company. This month we return to find out where those plans are at now and what they have lined up for the future.

It takes commitment to be a niche player in a multibillion dollar industry. When the heavy weights in that arena hold the lion's share of the market they don't leave a lot of low hanging fruit for smaller concerns to pick off. You have to be nimble and you have to be smart or you starve. That is the law of the jungle.

So how does a boutique manufacturer hold its own when their competitors are multinationals with a seemingly bottomless funding bucket? We asked newly appointed CEO, Andrew Kelly and this is what he said:

"At Cyndan we don't just manufacture chemicals we offer solutions to the problems that our customers face every day. More often than not these problems are multifaceted and cannot be solved with a one-step solution. We take the time to investigate the issue and get to the root cause providing long term resolutions for dealing with them."

This continued commitment to innovation is typified by Cyndan's Anti Graffiti products. Graffiti removal is an issue that affects everyone. Local councils all over Australia spend millions of dollars in rate payers' money every year having graffiti removed. In answer to this enormous problem Cyndan developed Graffiti Stripper a spray on solution that safely penetrates the affected surface and rinses off with water to remove the contaminant without damaging the painted substrate.

Removing graffiti is one thing but no matter how effective the removal technology is, it only takes one vandal to come along and find your freshly cleaned surface and they have a brand new canvas on which to blaze their tags. That is the root of the problem and short of stationing a 24 hour security watch how can it be prevented?

As Cyndan's Chief Chemist says:

"That's why we developed Graffiti Armour, a single-component semi-gloss coating that creates a non-stick surface that easily repels graffiti. Graffiti Armour doesn't require solvent cleaning or abrasives to remove graffiti. Simply pressure washing or hand-wiping the treated surface with water does the job easily and economically."

It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto bare brick and concrete, or previously painted surfaces like steel or wood. It applies, without mixing, in one coat and dries quickly. It is formulated to offer excellent adhesion properties and has a high resistance to chalking, fading and peeling. Graffiti Armour protects surfaces 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and allows graffiti to be removed countless times without reapplication."

Innovation is a powerful tool especially in an industry where competition is tough. The Cyndan team know this and have a range of over 250 specialty products that they are constantly improving and updating to prove it. It is rare however that these great ideas materialise out of thin air and that is where Cyndan's recruitment strategy is coming into play.

As CEO Andrew Kelly puts it: 

"Growth and innovation within any organisation is people driven. Whether you want to develop cutting edge products or reshape the way you communicate with your customers you need expert knowledge. At Cyndan it is our aim to be an employer of choice that attracts, retains and develops competent and engaged staff to meet the needs of the business now and in the future."

One example of this recruitment approach is recently appointed Food and Beverage Division Manager Rod Green. Starting his career as a chemist in 1980 Rod has been supplying specialist hygiene products to the Australian food and beverage manufacturing industry for over 32 years. During his career he has worked closely with every brewery, soft drink manufacturer and dairy group in the country as well as most abattoirs and poultry plants.

In collaboration with Chief Chemist, Green's expertise has been instrumental in the development of Cyndan's new Food and Beverage Range.

When asked about the new Food and Beverage range Rod Green stated, 

"We have initially started with 18 products in the food division to cover all aspects of CIP cleaning, foam cleaning, environmental cleaning and sanitation. This list will grow over time and we can quickly develop new products to solve any application issues you may have. The quality of the Cyndan Food and Beverage range of products is equal to anything out there and they are currently available at very competitive pricing. We know it takes a while to get our name known in the food industry but we have the right product and service package to become a long term force in the industry.

The world beyond the Insular Peninsular 

Among Sydney siders the Northern Beaches area, is often affectionately referred to as the "Insular Peninsular" but there is nothing insular about Cyndan. With a distribution network that covers Australia, New Zealand, North and Central America, The Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region Cyndan are going from strength to strength. With a recently opened manufacturing plant in Dalian, China and a new office in Jakarta, Indonesia they have their sights firmly set on distant horizons.

In April of this year the Cyndan team were in China demonstrating some of their amazing new chemical solutions to a very appreciative local audience. Notable among the products demonstrated were their Soil Stabiliser, a product that when applied to an unpaved surface penetrates, saturates and binds surface dust and aggregate together to create a complete, dust free, water resistant and resilient surface capable of bearing the weight of regular traffic and heavy equipment alike.

Another product that received a lot of attention was Vitroglaze, a permanent, water and oil repellent coating that prevents the adhesion and build up of contaminants on exterior glass surfaces. In urban environments that have a high concentration of airborne particulates, Vitroglaze acts in a similar way to non-stick cookware. Glass becomes easier to clean without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and more importantly, the frequency of cleaning can be significantly reduced, saving on maintenance time and costs.

From coating external glazing on city buildings and treating difficult to reach multi-story hotel atriums to using the aerosol version on a simple shower screen, Vitroglaze offers a long term chemical solution to keeping glass clean. This typifies the Cyndan approach to product selection and clearly it works. The product is already being sold in the Middle East where, following advice from Cyndan, local glass manufacturers apply Vitroglaze to glass at the manufacturing stage before it is fitted into their city's skyscrapers. Another smart solution from Cyndan to an otherwise difficult problem.

In total Cyndan supply a range of over 250 specialty chemicals designed to solve specific problems across a wide range of industry sectors including Mining, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Construction, Cleaning and Maintenance, Automotive Transport, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Pest Control, Manufacturing and Healthcare. They can provide onsite demonstrations and training on the usage and application of all their solutions and are always coming up with new ways to solve some of the toughest problems faced by the range of industries that they service.

A New Addition to the Cyndan Arsenal

Cyndan are always on the lookout for new and innovative tools and hardware for use in conjunction with their comprehensive range of specialty chemicals. One such product that is creating quite a stir in the Cleaning, Maintenance and Healthcare sectors is the DLS 200 Dual Liquid Sprayer.

The DLS200 is the latest in chemical dispensers for janitorial, industrial and health care use. It is the world's first truly portable dilution control system and it is now available in Australia for the first time exclusively from Cyndan. The DLS200 is a dual bottle system with one bottle for chemical concentrate, a refillable water reservoir and a unique Variable Dilution Sprayer head. The concentrate and water mix in the sprayer head at the user specified dilution rate thus eliminating the inconvenient, time consuming and often inaccurate process of pre-diluting chemicals. You just load the bottle into the sprayer head and lock into place...and off you go!