Rejuvenating, cleaning and protecting infrastructure is a business that is in demand and Cyndan Chemicals is committed to meeting the needs of its clients who need these services.                                                                                                                          

Practical Solutions - Article featured in Business in Focus Magazine

October, 2013


Cyndan offers a number of chemicals that are used in buildings all over the worldCompany CEO Andrew Kelly spoke about Cyndan’s products and accomplishments over the years. “Our company has always prided itself on excellent quality products and support,” he says. “We don’t just manufacture chemicals, we offer solutions to the problems that our customers face.”

Cyndan offers a number of chemicals that are used in buildings all over the world. Mr Kelly says that the company’s team of scientists develops “clever solutions” that companies need to save money.

One example is Vitroglaze. Developed by Cyndan’s head chemist, Vitroglaze is designed to coat glass surfaces and is mainly used on office buildings. Sold to glass manufacturers, Vitroglaze is applied to the glass at a factory before it is installed onto a building. The coating protects the glass from dirt and grime that would otherwise accumulate. Though currently sold primarily in the Middle East, Mr Kelly says that American glass distributor C.R. Laurence has recently partnered with Cyndan to sell Vitroglaze in Australia.

“A lot of people don’t realize that glass is porous, so the clearcoat of Vitroglaze fills in those microscopic holes and keeps the contaminants from sticking to them,” Mr Kelly explains. “The glass becomes Teflon-like.”

Indeed, the application of the clear coat can save companies up to ninety per cent in cleaning costs. The product has a ten-year warranty, demonstrating Cyndan’s commitment to creating quality products. “That is a considerable savings, because some buildings can cost up to $1 million a year to clean.”

Vitroglaze can also be used in bathrooms to protect shower screens and tile-and-grout surfaces from soap scum and grime. “We’ve even discovered that it is good for protecting stainless steel from rust.”

Another innovative product of the company’s is Heat Shield.The thermo-dynamic reflective paint uses the latest microcrystal technology to insulate and reduce the heat load of a building. Heat Shield is primarily used for roofing, walls, facades, HVAC equipment and ductwork. The coating from Heat Shield also provides fire proofing properties for buildings, and can reduce internal temperatures in a building between ten and twenty degrees Celsius.

When representatives from Cyndan went to construction company Brookfield Multiplex to sell the product, Brookfield understandably wanted proof that Heat Shield would work. To test the product, they provided Cyndan an empty building at Holsworthy Army Base, New South Wales. Cyndan decided to put the paint to the test during the height of the summer in Sydney, where it can get as hot as forty degrees Celsius. “Before applying the paint, we had a week to measure the temperature inside the building,” Mr Kelly shares. “The internal temperatures were ten degrees hotter inside than the outside temperatures. After applying Heat Shield, the heat inside the building never went above the outside temperature. It was almost ten degrees cooler inside than outside.”

Heat Shield has been applied to buildings throughout Australia, including buildings for RSL clubs, caravan parks, industrial sheds and workshops. It is also used by freight companies who apply the paint to trucks. “The product is affordable, so getting that sort of heat reduction will give you a substantial savings in energy costs,” Mr Kelly explains. “A cooler building can also help increase work productivity, so Heat Shield can benefit our clients in a lot of ways.”

Cyndan Chemical also sells KristalBond. Although the company didn’t invent the product, Cyndan licensed the right to use it. Like Vitroglaze, KristalBond is a clear coat designed to protect glass. However, it is used to protect buildings and people from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The product protects people from skin pigmentation and skin cancer, prevents accelerated furniture colour fading, protects displays from premature ageing and most importantly it keeps the heat out of the building. “It also allows natural light to be retained,” says Mr Kelly. “Not everyone wants a dark-tinted window.” KristalBond can reduce heat load from ten to twenty per cent depending on what direction glass is facing.

Cyndan applied KristalBond to a glass footbridge at Westfield Hornsby Shopping Centre in Sydney that was getting too hot in the summer. The owners of the mall did not want a dark tint on the bridge and, when searching the market, found out that KristalBond was the only solution that fit their needs. “The facilities manager has been delighted with the results. He recommended that other managers of Westfield Shopping Centres use KristalBond at their malls.”

What Cyndan has to offer with its specialty coating products is what sets it apartThe company is also tackling the issue of vandalism. Graffiti Armour is a siloxane coating that creates a non-stick surface to repel spray paint. Instead of using solvents or abrasives to remove the graffiti, a building can simply be pressure washed or hand-wiped. “This can save companies anywhere from twenty-five to forty per cent compared to other methods to remove paint,” Mr Kelly says. “We say Graffiti Armour is a preventative rather than reactive solution.”

Graffiti Armour can be used on masonry, road signs, and fences, and many companies and local city councils have purchased the product. “It’s a better solution for the environment. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals that will run down drains and into the water table.”

One of the company’s recent achievements involves one of the most iconic structures in Australia. TufStuf is a polyurethane anti-slip coating designed for high-traffic surfaces, and the product was recently applied to the interior stairs of Sydney Harbour Bridge, providing an easier walk for the thousands of pedestrians who cross the bridge daily. Mr Kelly considers this a huge accomplishment for the company. “We demonstrated that this was one of the better solutions that could be used for the bridge,” he says.

No matter how large or small the project, “Our clients get the best support that they can from our office team and sales reps,” says Mr Kelly. “We have sales reps that have been with the company for as long as thirty years; you cannot beat the advice that they can give to our customers.” Indeed, he credits the people who work for Cyndan as a huge part of the company’s success. “Our onsite office team is customer focused and our research and development team has created great products for our company.”

Cyndan Chemical does face some stiff competition from other companies, some of whom are much larger. But Mr Kelly says that what Cyndan has to offer with its specialty coating products is what sets it apart. “We have to demonstrate that we have something to offer that other companies don’t,” Kelly said. “Other companies may offer lower cost solutions, but we provide the best products, service and value for money to our clients.”

The ‘what you see is what you get’ approach applies to the company website as well, where the 200 products Cyndan sells are displayed for everyone to see. “We recently upgraded our website with product information and pricing,” Kelly said. “Not many chemical companies will do this. People know exactly what they’re getting when they’re dealing with us.”

Another way Cyndan stands out from the competition is with the number of environmentally friendly products the company sells. “We have almost one hundred green chemicals and solutions that clients can use,” Mr Kelly says.

Cyndan’s best selling green product is UBeaut. The water-based degreaser is formulated to remove grease, wax and soot and was created as a substitute to replace dangerous hydrocarbon or caustic based products. Cyndan also works extensively with local government councils to sell and promote its products. “In February 2013 we were successful tendering to Stufget on the panel of suppliers for all 154 of the NSW councils and at the start of this month (September 2013) we added all of the Councils from Queensland and the Northern Territory on a similar Supply Panel arrangement. Cyndan goes to the main engineering group in the towns and cities to participate in the state and national conferences, highlighting products – getting messages out to the councils,” Mr Kelly explains. “They’re the people who manage the public infrastructure and planning laws, and by supporting them with our products we are confident Cyndan will become more of a solution more broadly to others – to help improve the energy ratings and solutions across industry sectors.”

Mr Kelly predicts even more success for Cyndan Chemical because of the company’s knack for creating solutions that organisations need. “As a company, we’ve focused on expanding our products, (most of which have been from our research and development team), and finding solutions to support the needs of our customers and vendors. If you have challenges and need a solution, give us a try because we’ve been able to develop products to help meet niche customer needs. It’s not easy to find a company that will work with you, but we look at the bigger picture and are able to develop new solutions, looking for customers who have those challenges and finding new markets for our products.”

Original source: Business in Focus - October 2013 issue

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