FAQs - Product Matching for Inexperienced Chemical Users

We often get asked what is the best product to use for certain activities by our customers. In most cases to answer this question requires an understanding of what does the Customer wish to achieve by using a chemical solution, what surface is it to be used on, what industry are you using it in and then there are considerations as to whether you want our normal highly concentrated formulas that can be heavily diluted or do you want a product that is Ready To Use (RTU) requiring little or no dilution.

What is the best product to use is therefore subject to many variables which is why we have in-house chemists and technical support as well as Sales Representatives across Australia who have extensive knowledge & experience in the safe handling, use and application of chemicals. For Customers requiring a Heavy Duty Industrial Strength solution, please contact us for a tailor made response to your requirements by through our contact form. We will endeavour to respond by email within 24-48hrs depending on when you lodge your enquiry and the complexity of your question or may refer you to one of our Sales Representatives who can call on you and demonstrate our products if that is more convenient and helpful.

For Customers requiring a straightforward and regular chemical solution, we have labelled every product on our website in the "Safe Use" section at the bottom of each product page. When you click on the name of a product it will take you into a separate product page exclusively for that item where you will see under "Safe Use" a Red, Amber or Green traffic light and explanation of what each means. You should stick to the products classified as Green or Amber if ordering online without consulting us or one of our Sales Representatives. The Heavy Duty solutions classified with the Red Safe Use Code are for experienced users of chemicals who use the required safety gear. We can however offer some tips on products for those wanting a great product with proven performance that is not classified with our Red Safe Use Code to use. We have identified common Customer needs and suggested products with a Green or Amber Code to solve the issue below for 40 of our most common products:

Recommended product(s)

Air Sanitiser

Dome Air Sanitiser + Dome Wick inserts »

Algae & Mould Removal

Algae Died B »

Aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel anti-corrosion aerosol treatment

Diamond Glazing »

Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser

Bac Off »

Bathroom & Toilet combined Cleaner, Deodoriser & Disinfectant

Bravo »

Battery Terminal Protection for Vehicles

Battery Terminal Protectant »

Bird deterrent to prevent them from roosting

Bird Ban Liquid »

Blocked drain cleaning and organic waste digester

Cyndazymes »

Bolt Anti Seize to free up rusted bolts

Bolt Free »

Car DIY Coating to keep it clean for up to 12 months


Car Leather, vinyl, rubber, timber and silicone polish protector

Durafilm »

Degreaser for all surfaces

UBeaut »

Concrete Remover from tools and to remove spills from all hard surfaces

Sizzla »

Dishwashing liquid detergent for manual hand washing

Squeaky Clean Liquid »

Dishwashing powder detergent for Automated Dishwashing Machines

Squeaky Clean Powder »

Disinfectant – Commercial Grade

Dual 100 varieties »

Electrical Contact Cleaning

Citraerosol »

Fire Retardant for Timber – BAL29 Bushfire compliant Timber protective solution

Fire Retardant Liquid NF »

Glass – protective coating that reduces cleaning time on glass by 90%

Vitroglaze »

Glass – green window cleaner

Mirrors & Glass »

Glue, adhesive, grease, labels, stickers and oil remover

D'Solve »

Graffiti Removal - environmentally friendly solution for paints, ink & grease

Greensolve »

Hand Protection & Grip in Workshop setting

Barrier Cream »

Heat & Energy reducing insulation coating for buildings

Heatshield paint »

Insects & Bugs Barrier Protection for cafes, offices, homes, BBQ areas

Sentinel + ADU/Biomist Dispensing Pod »

Insect Spray – residual low toxic formula guards against the invasion of insects for 3 months

Insakill (Water based) »

Insect Spray – non-residual, water based with pleasant odour, ideal for indoor applications

Insectaguard (Water based) »

Iron and steel rust protection spray

Instant Cold Galvanising »

Multi-Purpose Office & Home Cleaner

Cleans All »

Odour neutralising compound for sewage and wastewater odour control

Odourless »

Odour neutralising solution with various fragrances available

Scentsations + Biomist Dispenser Pod »

Penetrating concrete and bricks waterproofing sealing

Masonry Sealer »

Rust encapsulation and neutraliser for Rust repairs & prevention

Rust Buster »

Shower enclosure – coating for glass, tiles & grout to prevent soap & grime sticking to it

Vitroglaze »

Spa Bath cleaning chemical solution

Spa Bath Treatment »

Stainless Steel DIY Kit to Clean & Protect the Stainless

Stainless Steel Rejuvenating Kit »

Truck Wash

UBeaut Truck Wash »

Tyre Gloss to rejuvenate the appearance of tyres

Tyre Gloss »

Wasp Spray that kills wasps instantly from 7m safe distance

Wasp Eliminator »

Wax and grease remover for Salons

Mr Miyagi »