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Latest Innovations in Chemicals

November, 2013


It’s staggering to consider how much money you can save just by giving your building chemicals some real consideration. It may not sound like something we would bother to consider from the outset, but nowadays there is so much innovation in building materials that it is imperative to consider your options, the environment and the costs you will save. You have choices and as a Facilities or Property manager you have the licence to get creative and show some real savings. 

With hundreds of chemicals and product ranges to suit just about every industry, we have outlined below some of the innovative products available today and how others are benefitting from their implementation.


Products like Heatshield, a solar reflective paint, reduced temperatures for Brookfield Multiplex Defence by up to 20C after 2 coats of paint were sprayed on the roof of a building.


2Kristalbond is a clear glass coating significantly reduced the heat load at Westfield Hornsby so effectively that the company’s National Facilities Manager recommended it to all Westfield Shopping Centres across Australia where they have a need to reduce the heat coming through the glass but wish to retain natural light instead of tinting the glass.



is another clear glass coating invented by Cyndan. It is applied to glass and prevents any contaminants from being able to attach to the glass. Cleaning time of glass is reduced by around 90% as Salt Spray, Dirt, Grime, Soap Scum and the like no longer attach to glass surfaces treated with this coating. It’s no short term fix either with the aerosol version carrying a 5 year warranty and the liquid version a 10 year warranty this is a company that backs its product.


The Cyndan website includes testimonials from major national glass manufacturers including CR Laurence (CRL) Australia Pty Ltd who makes frameless shower screens and glass balustrade fencing and state in their testimonial that Vitroglaze is the best glass coating on the market. The CRL parent company is the largest glass distribution company in the USA. Emirates Glass from the UAE also offers a testimonial. They have been coating glass used in hotels and office towers for more than 3 years in the UAE.



Vitroglaze also protects stainless steel long term against tea staining & corrosion. You can also see images of a building coated with Vitroglaze at “The Concourse” in Chatswood, Sydney in the list of case studies on the Cyndan website.


Algae Died B is an environmentally friendly solution used to remove algae and mould. Again, the Cyndan website Case Studies detail how every ocean swimming pool from Palm Beach to Manly is cleaned using this safe product. Another case study from the Sydney Eye Hospital also outlines how it was used to treat a heritage listed sandstone fountain with excellent results.



Graffiti Armour is a preventative maintenance solution to protect buildings and public infrastructure from graffiti attacks. It has been used by the Roads & Maritime Service in NSW and Vic Roads contractors in Victoria on freeways. Companies like Caltex, Mirvac Asset Management and UGL have also used it on graffiti hotspots with great results. Cyndan is a preferred supplier to the majority of Councils throughout Australia and Graffiti Armour is one of the reasons why. Cyndan has recommended Applicators in most States who can apply Cyndan products for the customer. Alternatively, Cyndan can explain to FMA Members or where possible arrange for you to be shown how to apply the product.


8Micro Inviso Shield has won awards at international trade shows as an innovative class leading penetrative sealer. When applied it stops staining of the surface by deeply penetrating the substrate and ensuring anything from blood to oil & red wine when spilled will not stain the surface and can be washed off with ease. Chewing Gum also won’t stick to it like it does to conventional surfaces so appearances of treated surfaces remain as new for many years and cleaning time/cost savings it generates are considerable.



Tuf Stuf is a polyurethane anti-slip coating that comes in several colours, the most popular of which is safety yellow which as the Case Study indicates, was recently used to coat the Sydney Harbour Bridge stairs.


10Envirodrysorb is an absorbant for oil spills, road accident clean-ups and warehouse/depot/site spills of chemicals, sewerage and other unwanted liquids. It absorbs 10-15 times its own weight and whatever contaminant it absorbs will never leach out. As a result, the product has EPA Approval to be disposed of directly to landfill making it one of the best environmentally friendly clean up solutions on the market as well as one of the fastest acting. It can even be used in water to trap contaminants that have spilled and are sitting on the surface.


beeWasp Eliminator from the Cyndan Aerosols Range offers a non-flammable solution that can be sprayed from a safe 7m distance that has instant results upon coming into contact with wasps or their eggs. It is used extensively in the electricity industry where wasps are commonly found in power boxes and with companies like Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy & Ergon Energy among regular users, the product provides safe relief for those who need to use it.

Cyndan Chemicals is a regular supplier to many FMA Member organisations. Their unique range of more than 250 products includes solutions developed in-house that are putting them on the map with a customer base that includes Abigroup, Australia Post, Baulderstone Hornibrook, Boral, Brookfield Multiplex, Caltex, Coca Cola, Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Downer EDI, Fulton Hogan, ISS Facilities Services, Q Build, Lend Lease, Mirvac Asset Management, Stockland, Thiess, Transgrid, UGL, Visy, Westfield and many more.

A scan of their website shows Case Studies highlighting a number of their patented products can significantly reduce energy costs or maintenance costs by staggering percentages.

Original source: FM Innovations Newsletter - November 2013 issue