Cyndan goes global with eco-friendly chemicals

January, 2012


Michael Snounou 

Michael Snounou, Director

Chemicals need not harm the environment or their user. Cyndan Chemicals has proven this by delivering environment-friendly chemical solutions across multiple industries. 

Committed to providing safe and economical solutions that deliver outstanding results, Cyndan has developed groundbreaking products for industrial cleaning and maintenance, automotive and transport, specialty nano-coatings, agriculture and consumer applications. 

"We go on-site to listen to our customers and identify solutions for problems they're experiencing in their business. If we don't have it, we have the research and development capability to deliver the solutions and that is the key - we customise for particular problems," says Michael Snounou, Cyndan director.

The company has developed energy-efficient solutions such as heat-reflective or insulation paints and glass coatings for industrial facilities. Aside from creating non-stick applications, which provide 90 per cent savings on cleaning time, Cyndan produces coatings that reduce internal temperature by six to 10 degrees. Its expertise in eco-friendly formulations has increasingly attracted Asian partnerships in products such as safety degreasers and biodegradable cleaning fluids.

"There is substantial work to be done around carbon mitigation. With our environmentally friendly solutions, we have had an impact on worker safety and making industrial practices more energy-efficient," Snounou says.

Embarking on an aggressive global strategy under Snounou's leadership in 2009, Cyndan established distribution channels in the United States, the Middle East and Asia. Having expanded its manufacturing capabilities with a start-up facility in Dalian, China, Cyndan looks towards building local sales and marketing partnerships. With its goal to be a world-leading provider of environmental solutions, it also welcomes technology and manufacturing partnerships with other chemical companies.

"Cyndan has always been different because we cover a tremendous range of sectors. We have the relationships in China and would be interested in collaborations with other companies to grow our market share into different industries," Snounou says.


Original source: South China Morning Post