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Econo 403

Econo 403



Read the product SDS carefully before handling this product. 

Roller release agent 

  1. Dilution: 1 Litre to 1500 Litre of water. 
  2. Half fill the water tank of the roller with water. Add the required measure of product. Fill the tank slowly and from a bottom feed to avoid excess foaming. 

Hot Mix Tipper release agent 

  1. Dilution:  1 part to between 600 parts to 1200 parts water depending on local water quality. 
  2. Apply to hot mix tipper with a foaming gun or industrial sprayer. 

Water Tanker 

  1. Dilution: 1 part to 1200 parts of water. 
  2. Partially fill the tanker with water. Add the required measure of product. Fill the tank slowly and from a bottom feed to avoid excess foaming. 

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Cyndan Econo 403 is an affordable high-density release and slip foam, specially formulated to be used as a release agent in the hot mix and tar sealing industries. Biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate free and pH neutral solution.

For larger quantities please contact our office.

More details

Biodegradable high density release and slip foam for hot mix and tar sealing.

Cyndan Econo 403 has been specially formulated to be used as a release agent in the Hot Mix and Tar Sealing Industries.

Econo 403 has been developed as a replacement for hydrocarbon solvent based release agents used extensively in the Hot Mix and Tar Sealing Industry.

Econo 403 is biodegradable, and being non-toxic, phosphate free and ph neutral is both environmentally and user friendly.

  • As a Roller Release Agent: Add 1 litre of Econo 403 to 500 litres of water. It has been found that the best method of dilution is to add Econo 403 to the Water Tank of the roller when it is half empty. Add the ECONO 403 and continue filling the tank with water. Fill the tank slowly and from a bottom feed to avoid excess foaming.
  • As a Release Agent for Hot Mix Tippers: The dilution rates vary between 200 parts of water to 400 parts of water to 1 litre of Econo 403 dependant on the local water quality.

A Cyndan 1-Litre Airless Compact Foaming Gun may also be used as means of application for transportable hot mix plants. The dilution rates will vary dependent on local water quality.

Due to the high concentration of Active Ingredients in Econo 403 it has been found with field tests that a ‘lean’ dilution is far more effective than a ‘heavy’ dilution. As the water quality throughout Australia varies to such a great degree foam density and release ability may vary when using Econo 403.

Contact your Cyndan Representative to arrange an on site demonstration to ensure you are happy with the results in your circumstances.

  • Safety Data Sheet: Refer to the SDS before handling this product.
  • Storage: Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place out of reach of children. | Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Disposal: Containers must be thoroughly rinsed and dried before disposal. | Dispose of in accordance with your local government regulations - if in doubt return empty container to the manufacture. | Empty containers and product should not be burnt.
  • Safe Use - GREEN Code: These products are safe for any adult to use according to the product’s stated purpose.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): See 'Related Products' on this page.
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