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Bird Ban Gel - Surface treatment to eliminate bird roosting and nesting

Cyndan Bird Ban Gel is a non toxic coating that can be applied to surfaces and provides a sticky finish that birds do not like to roost on, therefore fly away. Does not harm birds.

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Cyndan Bird Ban Gel is a non acidic, non toxic gel coating which dries clear and is almost undetectable to the naked eye. It repels birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows.


Bird Ban Gel does not harm birds, rather it’s tacky formulation makes birds feel uncomfortable and insecure and stops them from roosting and nesting, thus preventing their highly acidic droppings from damaging and contaminating property.


It is long lasting and is weather resistant. Use in areas where birds are a menace and health hazard, such as; outdoor cafes, food courts, building facades & ledges, factory & storage facility roof beams, sills and anywhere birds are a problem.


Bird Ban is easy to apply with a brush or roller and lasts for months.


Recommended Use: small window sills and ledges, and other flat areas where applying with one scrape of a trowel is the most efficient means of application. For larger areas we recommend the use of Bird Ban Liquid.


Ideal for:

  • Flat surfaces
  • Ledges
  • Small window sills

Coverage: 2-3m2 per litre

  • Part of the Cyndan GREEN SOLUTIONS Range: This range is constantly growing and Cyndan is dedicated to continue formulating products that offer great results and that are safe to humans and the environment.
  • Safe Use - GREEN Code: These products are safe for any adult to use according to the product’s stated purpose.

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