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U B C - Heavy duty degreaser, engine & chassis wash, and metal polisher.

Cyndan UBC is a biodegradable heavy duty, aggressive degreaser and industrial cleanser. It is based on Sodium Hydroxide and is an extremely good degreaser for heavy equipment and motor vehicles, providing an effective solution as a parts degreaser and metal polisher.


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Cyndan UBC is a heavy duty, aggressive degreaser. It is based on Sodium Hydroxide and is an extremely good degreaser for heavy equipment and motor vehicles. It will clean, degrease and deoxidise metals and coated surfaces. It is biodegradeable and dilutes in water to offer an economical degreasing solution.

UBC is excellent for chemically polishing oxidised metals and painted surfaces such as stainless steel tanks, building fixtures and machinery, restoring them to ‘as new’ condition.

UBC is great for use in commercial floor scrubbers to clean and degrease heavy grime from streetscapes and floors.

Use as a degreaser and cleaner in road, rail, aviation and marine industries, and for engines, equipment and plant maintenance in mining and manufacturing.

Great for general building maintenance to degrease and clean masonry, metals, timber and most hard surfaces. Ideal for stripping away grey oxidised timber residue and sap.

  • Safe Use - RED Code - Dangerous Goods: Only those personnel trained in the handling and storage of chemicals should use these products as they require the use of protective/safety gear when used and must be stored according to the manufacturer’s directions for safe storage.

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