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Ovens and Grills - Remove grease, fat and carbon oils.

Cyndan Ovens & Grills works like a liquid scourer that effectively removes carbon and grease build-up. The definitive solution for cleaning ovens, stove tops, barbecues, and stainless steel grill plates.


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Cyndan Ovens & Grills works like a liquid scourer that effectively removes baked on grease, carbon oils and fat instantly from grill plates, stove tops and ovens.


Ovens & Grills is specially formulated with Sodium Gluconate for rapidly cleaning ovens and grills which operate under extreme conditions in the commercial hospitality trade.


Our low odour formula allows this normally tedious and hazardous job to be done quickly and safely.

Ovens & Grills contains no acids, is 100% fireproof, biodegradable and dilutes with up to 10 parts of water providing inexpensive cleaning, only cents per litre in use.


Restore your valuable equipment to like new condition quickly, safely and inexpensively. You would have to see the results of Ovens & Grills to believe them.



  • GRILL PLATES: For badly soiled grill plates dilute 1 part Ovens & Grills with 5 parts water and pour onto a plate preheated to approximately 170°C. Rinse off by flooding with water until the water remains clean. Remove water and lightly oil the plate for further use.
  • OVENS: Dilute Ovens & Grills with 8 parts of water, using a sprayer with a straight jet or a dish and rag, apply liberal amounts of this product to a preheated oven of 190°C. Spray on walls and doors then rinse off with a clean wet cloth and suitable protective clothing. Always wear chemical resistant gloves and suitable safety work wear whilst using Ovens & Grills.
  • Safe Use - RED Code - Dangerous Goods: Only those personnel trained in the handling and storage of chemicals should use these products as they require the use of protective/safety gear when used and must be stored according to the manufacturer’s directions for safe storage.

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