Chemlux Pty Ltd (ACN: 626 183 060) trading as Cyndan Chemicals, is an Australian manufacturer of industrial chemical solutions. It's marketing arm extends into a variety of industries including Food and Beverage, Automotive & Transport, Pesticides, Construction, Technology, Agriculture, Health Care, Cleaning etc.

Established in 1978, Cyndan was originally known for it's innovations in solutions to industrial problems and is now renowned for it's rapid and integrated growth in specialty coatings worldwide. It has grown into one of the world's most successful chemical solutions providers with over 100 employees operating from many locations around the globe.

Despite it's rapid growth, Cyndan has been able to provide personalised attention and service by maintaining close personal relationships with users of Cyndan products.

Cyndan is committed to providing solutions that provide outstanding results, are environmentally responsible and are true industrial concentrates.

See the 'Cornerstones' page for more details on Cyndan's commitments.



Cyndan - preferred supplier for the provision of Chemicals to all NSW Councils                                         Cyndan awarded tender to supply Chemicals to all QLD & NT Councils   

                                        LGP – State wide Supply Contract for all NSW Councils          Local Buy – State wide Supply Contract for all QLD & NT Councils