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Online T&C

Every effort is made to ensure product information, prices and payment terms offered on the website remain accurate and up to date at all times. Cyndan provides the online payment service to assist customers and enters into the provision of this service in good faith and relies on customers doing likewise. We offer a service that protects customer privacy and security using conventional online processes.

Cyndan reserves the right to notify any customer in the event of an error or omission occurring with the customer’s order. Cyndan will explain what the correct details are that should have appeared in the customer’s order and will give the customer the option to either cancel their order or proceed with the revised order after having being made aware of the correct terms of the offer. Cyndan is not obliged to compensate customers for any error or omission that occurs outside of what customers are entitled to receive under the relevant Fair Trade laws of Australia.

Cyndan reserves the right to refuse supply of minor product order quantities to remote locations due to the high cost of freight to remote areas. In such instances, Cyndan will notify a customer that they have not met minimum order requirements for their location, which for remote regions is generally in excess of $500 + GST per order. For some remote locations, this minimum order quantity may be higher.

Electronic Payment Transfers (EFT) are required to be paid within 7 days or cancellation of your online order will occur.

Product Safety

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available for all products offered on the Cyndan Website. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are purchasing the correct product and follow all relevant safety considerations in the handling, use and safe storage of chemicals. If in any doubt about what product to order, customers should always request product details by explaining what they require and seeking a recommendation from the supplier or other trusted source. The Cyndan Quotations or Cyndan Info section of the website offer a means to do this online. Alternatively, customers can contact Cyndan on 1800 812 309 to obtain information on products or the location of the nearest Cyndan Sales Representative. Cyndan is not obliged to compensate customers for any damages that occur as a result of customers ordering the incorrect product or not following proper instructions for the handling, use and safe storage of chemicals outside of what customers are entitled to receive under the relevant laws of Australia.

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