WORKING WITH CYNDAN - Sales Representatives

As a national supplier of Chemicals and Specialty Coatings, Cyndan is always on the lookout for experienced personnel who have proven experience in the chemical industry. If you are an experienced Commission Only Sales Representative who feels they can bring new ideas and a great work ethic selling to a particular customer segment or region of Australia then please contact us using the form below and outline your relevant experience selling chemical solutions & preferred location and we will get back to you promptly.

WORKING WITH CYNDAN - Distributors/On-sellers

Distributors/On-Sellers – If you are already running a business and feel that some or all of our different chemical & coating product ranges may be a value added benefit you can offer your customers, then please complete the form below and outline what product lines are of interest to your business and outline what kind of volume of product you would envisage stocking initially. We will then assess your proposal and contact you to discuss how we would propose to move forward.


If you have experience working in the Office, Warehouse or R&D team in the chemical industry we are always happy to receive your CV and we will get back to you if an opportunity arises that we feel matches your experience.