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Dislodge - Degreasing additive for increasing flash point

Cyndan Dislodge is a safe solvent based degreaser that is water rinseable. It can be also used as an additive to other flammable solvents to make these non flammable and water rinsable. Dislodge is a non flammable liquid.


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Cyndan Dislodge is a degreaser additive. It is a concentrate which is designed to be added to present degreasing fluids.


It contains no caustics, acids or creosote materials making Dislodge safe to the skin and low in odour. Dislodge is not classed as a flammable liquid as it has a high flash point greater then 61°C.

When added, Dislodge: 

  • Increases the flashpoint of most solvents, thus increasing it’s safety.
  • Chemically changes the make up of present solvents making them emulsify in water, thus improving rinsing and cleaning.
  • Increases the penetration of current solvents which results in a more thorough cleansing and a surface free of oily residues. 

Safety: Dislodge creates a new level of safety when working with hot machinery. As an additive, Dislodge can be added to any hydrocarbon solvent such as kerosene. When blended with other solvents Dislodge forms an economical solution for all degreasing applications.

AQIS approved Category 3, generals cleaner type C


  • Degreasing additive
  • Increases flashpoint of most solvents making them safer
  • Non Flammable
  • No Caustics or acids
  • Safe to use


  • Safety solvent based degreasing
  • Removing pre-delivery wax
  • Parts washing
  • Cleaning workshop floors

  • Safe Use - AMBER Code: Please use caution as per safe use and storage guidelines. Goods might be classified as Dangerous Goods. However, Amber items are safer to use as a result of replacing harmful ingredients with safer alternatives than what you find in Red Coded products.

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