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Water Sponge Crystals - Water absorbing and retaining crystals.

Cyndan Water Sponge Crystals are a high active, commercial grade, water retainer and conserver. Biodegradable advanced retaining water formulation that captures, holds and stores water in the soil for up to 5 years, providing water as the plant requires it. It can also be used as an industrial waste water modifier.

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High active, commercial grade, water retainer and conserver. The chemical key to unlocking a Drought – Cyndan Water Sponge Crystals reduce water costs, capture, hold and store water in the soil so that plants can use it when required.

Water Sponge Crystals are biodegradable, yet they will store water for up to 5 years and provide water to plants even when the soil is dry and as the plant requires it. Use as little as 1 - 3 gms per square metre of soil or 10 litres of potting mix. The amount required will vary according to site specifics such as water, soil makeup and type, pH and the current water content of the soil etc.

Water Sponge Crystals are active for up to 5 years and are activated each time they come in contact with water.


Industrial waste water modification - Water Sponge Crystals can be used at construction and excavation sites or other industrial facilities as a modifier for wastewaters, surplus soil with high water content, effluents, contaminated industrial liquid wastes, slurries, sludges etc. Ideal for construction sites with plumbing problems such as broken mains, flooded excavations etc.


Effluent treatment is an ideal application for Water Sponge Crystals as they will modify the water in dewatering sludge pits and settling ponds etc. Simply put the crystals turn water into gel.

  • Part of the Cyndan GREEN SOLUTIONS Range: This range is constantly growing and Cyndan is dedicated to continue formulating products that offer great results and that are safe to humans and the environment.
  • Safe Use - GREEN Code: These products are safe for any adult to use according to the product’s stated purpose.

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