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Aerosol Water Displacer - Moisture removal from electrical parts

Cyndan Aerosol Water Displacer provides and effective solution for mist removal and moisture elimination, protecting electrical parts from corrosion, with high dielectric strength.

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For correction and protection - displaces moisture, seals out water, protects from corrosion. For electrical and mechanical fittings.


Never before has there been a moisture displacing liquid with such outstanding protective capabilities. Cyndan Aerosol Water Displacer is unlike many similar products of its type on the market. Aerosol Water Displacer was not formulated for the mass handyman market and then sold to heavy industrial sites.

Aerosol Water Displacer has been formulated for industry with the extra protection needed to combat the heavy moisture damage experienced in the work place. Penetrates and lubricates, displaces moisture and leaves a residual film to protect against future water penetration, safe to use on all surfaces such as metal, plastic or rubber. Lubricates close fitting parts reducing squeaks and friction.


Also protects from corrosion and wear. Ideal for the electriccal componentry of trucks, forklifts, boats, cranes, winches, cars, golf carts, earthmoving equipment, farm vehicles and for all electrical fittings in buildings.

  • Safe Use - AMBER Code: Please use caution as per safe use and storage guidelines. Goods might be classified as Dangerous Goods. However, Amber items are safer to use as a result of replacing harmful ingredients with safer alternatives than what you find in Red Coded products.
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