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Masonry Sealer - Penetrating concrete and bricks waterproofing sealing

Cyndan Masonry Sealer is a sealing compound specially formulated to seal and protect concrete, bricks and any masonry surface from oil, acids, water and other contaminants. Leaves an attractive semi gloss sheen on the surface.

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Cyndan Masonry Sealer is a sealing compound specially formulated by Cyndan to seal and protect any masonry surface. Masonry Sealer will penetrate the surface and seal out such things as grease, oil and battery acid.


Masonry Sealer prevents dusting and becomes a part of the masonry surface as opposed to being an external coating.


Masonry Sealer has been successfully used as a clear coating over hazard safety lines in warehouse and factory areas. When applied Masonry Sealer protects the marking from wear thus extending it’s life and use. This application avoids the need of constant reapplication of safety markings thus enhancing the safety of the work place.


Recommended for workshop floors, tiled bathroom and shower block areas including urinal steps, car park floors,
meat, fish and food processing work areas. Prevents the absorption of unwanted substances into masonry surfaces thus eliminating foul odours, unsightly staining and slip.


Can also be used vertically to protect buildings from contaminants in industrial and heavy traffic locations.



We stock Masonry Sealer in Clear & Grey. All colours on a current Dulux colour chart can be prepared upon request.


Suitable for use in AQIS inspected meat and food processing plants.

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