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Preval vFan Gravity Airbrush

The vFan Gravity, like the vFan system, delivers water-based or solvent-based media in fan patterns and hairline details. 

The vFan Gravity Spray System includes:

1 x vFan Gravity Airbrush
1 x 0.9 mm Fan Air Cap
1 x 0.9 mm Standard Air Cap
2 x Product Containers (29.5ml each)
1 x 6’ Air Hose with ¼” NPT
1 x Pressure Tank Regulator for 150 Feet of Energy

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PV 0924

The vFan Gravity, like the vFan system, delivers water-based or solvent-based media in fan patterns and hairline details. Using gravity to move the fluid, the threaded cap keeps your medium in place no matter what angle, what hard-to-reach spot, you’re spraying. The vFan Gravity is compatible with the 150 Feet of ENERGY, or any standard pneumatic power source.




  • Professional Spray System that is half the price of similar products.
  • Excellent for interior and exterior detail and touch-ups.
  • Durable, designed for detail and made from the strongest materials.
  • Delivers all water and solvent based coatings.
  • Portable and precise for any automotive job.



  • Gravity feed for all automotive coatings with a Threaded Product Container top.
  • Comes standard with .9mm fan pattern air cap and round, detail air cap.
  • Interchangeable .66mm and .38mm air caps, needles and tips available separately.
  • Powered by any air source including Preval’s portable 150 Feet of ENERGY.

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