Después del éxito cosechado en los EE.UU. y Europa, DLS200 está a punto de ser lanzada en Australia por primera vez. Es el primer sistema de control de dilución portátil y lo último en sistemas de dosificación para su utilización por parte de servicios de limpieza, industriales y de salud. Lea a continuación el artículo original en inglés:                                                           

Bloquea y carga la última arma en la batalla contra las infecciones y problemas sanitarios asociados

Mayo, 2012


Dual liquid sprayer bottle 

In 2008 Chief Executive of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Professor Chris Baggoley, said "Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) are a public concern. It is estimated that there are 200,000 healthcare associated infections in our hospitals each year in Australia"

Ineffective surface disinfection is known to be one of the most significant environmental causes of HAIs in health care facilities. Surface decontamination would seem to be a simple enough process so why is it so difficult to get it right?

One of the main reasons is that, with the use of concentrated cleaning and disinfection agents, it isn't always convenient and simple to get the correct dilution level. If the mixture isn't correct then the cleaning agent may not be killing the microbes that cause HAIs. The certified system that is being used with great success in 1000's of healthcare facilities abroad is now available here.

Having proved successful in the US and Europe the DLS200 is the latest in chemical dispensers for janitorial, industrial and health care use. It is the first truly portable dilution control system and it is about to be launched in Australia for the first time.

The DLS 200 offers a dual bottle system comprising one bottle for chemical concentrate, a refillable water reservoir and a unique Variable Dilution Sprayer head. The concentrate and water mix in the sprayer head at the user specified dilution rate thus eliminating the inconvenient, time consuming and often inaccurate process of pre-diluting chemicals.

What's more, at a dilution rate of 24:1 every bottle of concentrate will deliver 7.8 litres of accurately diluted product with precision every pull of the trigger. With a lifespan equal to approximately 500 traditional spray dispensers this robust tool offers a 98.8% saving on money spent on traditional sprayers, and a 99% reduction in plastic disposal per device (click here for further details)

Due to their wide range of commercial cleaning and maintenance products Cyndan has been selected as the exclusive agent for the DLS 200 system in Australia and it will soon be available through them and via selected outlets and distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

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