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Graffiti Removal Solutions

While some people appreciate the art form of graffiti, others simply see it as the defacement of public and private property. Whatever your point of view, there is one thing that most people agree on; most graffiti isn’t art, it’s just vandalism and should be removed.

The sooner the graffiti is removed, the better.

It is ...

Reasons to Choose Cyndan Graffiti Removal Chemicals:

Cyndan’s research found that most graffiti removal chemical products on the market were considered by their users to be only moderately effective. Cyndan found that property owners and other user groups were looking for strong, fast acting, cost effective chemical solutions that would be suitable for most hard surfaces.

This prompted Cyndan to develop a specialised graffiti removal product - Graffiti Stripper.


No matter how fresh or old the graffiti is, Cyndan’s Graffiti Stripper has proven itself effect.

  •      Powerful and fast acting
  •      Easy to use
  •      Proven and tested on different surfaces


Got questions? Use the online form to communicate with Cyndan’s technical sales team.

Benefits of Using Graffiti Removal Products

  •      Neat and professional looking property
  •      Protects your business reputation
  •      The public appreciate graffiti free trains, bus shelters, street furniture and public facilities in general.


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