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For instruction on how to use this product with an Automatic Dispensing Unit, please click here.

Cyndan Scentsations is a pleasantly fragranced, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal odour eliminator in an aerosol. It is automatically dispensed via a Cyndan Automatic Dispenser Unit.

Scentsations is a fast-acting and effective odour control solution.

For larger quantities please contact our office.

More details

In addition to a pleasant fragrance, Scentsations contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents that help neutralise and control odour producing elements. 

Areas susceptible to unpleasant odours benefit from using Scentsations, such as locker rooms, musty basements, community garbage rooms, hospitals, gyms, aged care facilities etc.

Scentsations offers a variety of fragrances containing natural extracts to suit any environment and to create a pleasant atmosphere for staff, customers and visitors.

Use with Cyndan Automatic Dispenser Unit for an automatic and economical dispersion of Scentsations.


  • Odour neutraliser
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anit-fungal
  • Pleasantly fragranced
  • Natural extracts

Ideal for: 

  • Gyms 
  • Locker rooms 
  • Toilets 
  • Community garbage rooms 
  • Retail Stores 
  • Hallways 
  • Musty areas 
  • Hospitals 
  • Nursing homes and aged care facilities
  • Flammable Aerosols: Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces | Ensure work area is well ventilated | If in doubt consult a fire risk expert.
  • Storage Aerosol: Securely store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. | Do not store in direct sunlight. | If storing more than 6 aerosol containers they should be placed in a secure cage to prevent the ‘missile effect’ during fire.
  • Safe Use - GREEN Code: These products are safe for any adult to use according to the product’s stated purpose.
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