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Insect Sprays and Insect Barrier Sprays

Protection from Harmful Insects

Whether you’re operating a café, aged care centre, warehouse or simply your own home, insects and spiders are an ever-present problem in Australia. Simply their appearance can upset customers and residents, not to mention the effect of their bites. Insects frequently cause di...

Professional & Reliable Pest Control Chemicals

Cyndan Chemicals is 100% Australian owned and operated, a developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality industrial chemical solutions including, but not limited to, pest management & control solutions. Cyndan has been proudly serving residential and commercial property owners since 1978.

Cyndan has different types of insect sprays formulated with chemicals that contain highly effective and naturally occurring compounds. To get more information, you can get in touch with using our online contact form. We’ll be glad to hear from you. 

Shop for Wasp Sprays Online

Wasps are a particularly dangerous threat to people and pets and are a public nuisance. Allowing a nest to develop can be a significant health risk and in some cases can lead to a legal liability for property owners or managers.

Cyndan’s Wasp Eliminator is suitable for indoor and outdoor wasp control. It rapidly kills wasps and destroys their eggs, effectively killing the nest. Wasp Eliminator has a specially designed nozzle that enables it to propel an insect-killing jet for up to 7m enabling the operator to stand well clear of the nest and out of danger.

Use as instructed on the product label to achieve the best results.

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