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Biomist Dispenser Pod




For instruction on the correct use of this product please refer to the product label in the Download section.

Cyndan Biomist Dispenser Pod  is a fully programmable computerised automatic aerosol dispenser pod for commercial & residential use. The latest in solenoid valve technology to release an ultra-fine micro mist at pre-determined intervals.

    • Safe, no electric mains required.
    • Versatile, light weight and portable. 

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More details

Cyndan Biomist Dispenser Pod is a fully programmable Computerised Aerosol Dispenser, designed for use as with Cyndan 305g aerosol products such as: Sentinel Insect repellant, Scentsations fragranced odour neutralisers ideal for “aroma” marketing.

The Biomist Dispenser Pod uses the latest in solenoid valve technology to release an ultra-fine micro mist at pre-determined intervals. This mist stays airborne longer and is therefore more effective than regular dispensers.

The dual timing facility enables the selection of the appropriate release period to suit differing products, intensity of fragrance or specific locations.

The Biomist Dispenser Pod suits any environment including cafes, retail outlets, offices, schools, warehouses, stables, garbage rooms, hallways, storerooms, hotels and many more. It’s attractive design means it blends into the background and customers won’t even know it’s there.


  • For use with a 1305g sized Cyndan aerosol can.

  • Continuous automatic operation working 24 hours a day, or all day or all night setting.

  • Dispenses at 5, 7.5 or 1 minute intervals.

  • Releases at 0.04mill per spray on medium, lasting 40.8 days at a 5 minute release (305g can).

  • Battery operated using 3 AA 1.5v alkaline (supplied with unit), offering a minimum 10 months life.

  • See Technical Data Sheet for details.

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