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Read the product SDS carefully before handling this product. 

  1. For old glass or glass with a build-up of limescale or soap scum, clean the glass using a cream cleanser and a scratch-free scourer. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry the entire surface with a good quality squeegee. 
  2. For both new glass and old glass for which step 1 has been completed, apply Vitroglaze Pre-Cleaner to the dry glass surface and using a clean, dry cloth, wipe over the surface until all the glass is streak-free and dry. 
  3. Apply product evenly to the cleaned glass surface, about 1 square metre at a time, and immediately wipe over with a clean microfibre cloth. 
  4. Using a clean microfibre mitt, rub over the entire glass area to achieve a sparkling finish — approximately 1 minute per square metre. 
  5. Allow to cure for 24 hours before glass comes into contact with water. 

Notes:  Vitroglaze is a coating and so any contaminants on the glass before the application will be sealed in.

Care of your Vitroglaze Treated Glass 

The following maintenance is recommended to maintain the pristine appearance of your treated glass: 

  • If applied to a shower screen: Surfaces need to be cleaned each week using a damp microfibre cloth and Vitroclean or a mild dishwashing detergent to remove any soap scum, dirt or grime from the surface.  

  • If applied to outdoor glass: Surfaces such as railings, pool balustrades and windows, clean as required using water and Vitroclean or a mild dishwashing detergent. Wash the glass with a microfibre cloth, and dry with a good quality squeegee. 

  • The use of harsh chemicals especially acid-based products of pH 6 or less and alkaline-based products of pH 9 or more will have an adverse effect on the treated surface. 

  • For areas with hard water due to a high mineral deposit that can cause limescale: A solution of 1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water should be sprayed onto the glass and allowed to soak for 3 - 5 minutes. Re-spray the glass with the vinegar solution and then wipe firmly with a microfibre cloth. A stronger dilution of vinegar to water can be used if needed. 

  • In extreme hard water areas: We recommended using the vinegar/water solution (listed above) once a week to reduce this build up on the surface. 

Never use abrasive products to clean the glass. Vitroglaze is chemically bonded to the glass however persistent use of abrasives will remove the surface of the glass. 

Vitroglaze is designed to be an ‘easy clean coating’ which requires only Vitroclean, vinegar and/or a mild detergent that does not contain harsh or toxic chemicals to maintain the surface effectively. 

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Cyndan Vitroglaze is along-lasting glass coating that prevents the adhesion and build-up of contaminants onto a glass surface. This advanced Nano-coating formulation is ideal to protect and seal window glass, ceramics, shower screens, tiles, balustrades, pool fences, etc.

More details

Glass Coating

Glass appears smooth, but its surface consists of microscopic ridges and valleys that create a favourable environment for the build-up of various contaminants such as soap scum, hard water deposits and grime.

Why Use Cyndan Glass Coating?

Glass surfaces consistently exposed to environmental contaminants will gradually become visibly dull and more difficult to clean as various elements build up over time. This deterioration can prove expensive as its remediation can be difficult or perhaps premature replacement may be required.


Vitroglaze is a highly effective and long-lasting glass coating specially formulated to make the glass surface repellent to water and environmental contaminants. As a result of this invisible coating a barrier is formed that enables the glass to resist contaminant build-up and assists cleaning.

  •      Working similar to non-stick cookware, your glass become easier to clean, without the need for harsh chemicals.
  •      Vitroglaze saves valuable time and effort.


Cyndan Vitroglaze is suited for following applications:

  •      Glass buildings            
  •      Marine glass    
  •      Balustrading
  •      Shower screens            
  •      Tiles & vitreous surfaces        
  •      Stainless Steel
  •      Suitable for use in food preparation areas   



  • Safety Data Sheet: Refer to the SDS before handling this product.
  • Storage: Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place out of reach of children. | Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Disposal: Containers must be thoroughly rinsed and dried before disposal. | Dispose of in accordance with your local government regulations - if in doubt return empty container to the manufacture. | Empty containers and product should not be burnt.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): See 'Related Products' on this page.
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