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Read the product SDS carefully before handling this product. 

Dilution: Dilution is not required. 

  1. Apply using a trigger spray bottle with the nozzle turned to create a fan spray. 
  2. Spray the surfaces to be cleaned and using a clean, dry cloth, wipe over the surface until all the glass is streak-free and dry.
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Cyndan Deodaglass window & glass cleaner is a neutral pH, non-irritating, ammonia free, solvent free, window cleaner delivering streak-free results. Suitable for windows, glass, computer monitors and whiteboards.

For larger quantities please contact our office.

More details

Deodaglass window & glass cleaner is a neutral pH, non irritating, solvent and ammonia free window, streak-free cleaner that removes dirt and soils from windows, glass, computer monitors and whiteboards.

Deodaglass is scientifically proven to be environmental safe in its application – careful consideration has been given to all aspects of the product lifecycle to ensure that this product is environmentally preferable. 100% recyclable containers, packaging and marketing materials have been used and all products are proudly made in Australia reducing unnecessary carbon release from excessive transport and freight from overseas.

No film or residue is left when Deodaglass is used thus cutting down on valuable cleaning time.


  • Streak-free cleaner.
  • It is a totally biodegradeable.
  • Nonflammable industrial grade solvent
  • Removes grease, carbon, inks, oil and creosote from all surfaces.

Use on:

  • Windows.
  • Glass.
  • Computer monitors.
  • Whiteboards.
  • Safety Data Sheet: Refer to the SDS before handling this product.
  • Storage: Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place out of reach of children. | Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Disposal: Containers must be thoroughly rinsed and dried before disposal. | Dispose of in accordance with your local government regulations - if in doubt return empty container to the manufacture. | Empty containers and product should not be burnt.
  • Safe Use - GREEN Code: These products are safe for any adult to use according to the product’s stated purpose.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): See 'Related Products' on this page.
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