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Automatic Dispensing Unit



For instruction on the correct use of this product please refer to the product label in the Download section.

Cyndan Aerosol Dispenser Unit (ADU) uses Micromist Technology. Its spray pattern creates a very fine aerosol mist.

Note: Aerosol Dispenser Unit type "A2" temporarily out of stock

More details

Cyndan Automatic Dispenser Unit uses micromist technology. The spray pattern used by the Automatic Dispenser Unit creates a very fine aerosol mist and thus provides Cyndan Sentinel and Cyndan Scentsations with a number of significant benefits.

Dispenser Chart


The micromist spray technology is the result of a combination of a number of features including:

  • The dispenser valve has a unique double atomisation process to generate a very fine spray mist. This mist stays airborne longer and thereby is much more effective than other dispensers.
  • The spiral nozzle design releases the contents of the can at high velocity to increase atomisation and to create a fine mist.
  • The fine mist, the special formula and specified can pressures used ensure instant evaporation, leaving active molecules free in the air.
  • These molecules can then move freely by electrostatic attraction (Brownian movement) and are not reliant on air currents or air movement to fill a room with protection.
  • A single dispenser is enough for an average sized home of 170 m3 (additional units are needed in high traffic retail environments where doors are constantly opening & closing)
  • Select time intervals (5min & 7.5min) for A2 unit
  • 9V alkaline batteries will last the unit more than 6 months

  • Uses micromist technology Automatic continuous operation
  • Spray pattern creates a very fine aerosol mist using a double atomisation process
  • Stays airbourne longer & more effectively fills a room with protection
  • Specified can pressure ensures instant evaporation
 *Ideal for dispensing Cyndan Sentinel or Scentsationsaerosols
Application example with Cyndan Sentinel - How long a Sentinel can (305g or 450g) will last with an ADU?
All ADUs are bit different but working on approximately 8 grams per day:
  • 305 gram can of Cyndan Sentinel on 7 minute intervals will last 38 days
  • 450 gram can of Cyndan Sentinel on 7 minute intervals will last 56 days
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